• Airport shuttle (From DSM International to Bikes To You in Grinnell or directly to start town)
  • Transportation for you, your bikes, and luggage to the RAGBRAI start town
  • Transportation of all your luggage for the whole week


  • RAGBRAI In Style includes your own, private 60 sq. ft. Bunk House
  • Bunk Houses feature: 
    • Air conditioning unit
    • Two single mattresses (linens and pillows provided & changed midweek), towels also provided 
    • A door with a screen and window 
    • Storage under bunks, wall hooks
    • At least two electrical outlets and two USB chargers
    • Full-length mirror 
    • Full interior lighting 
    • Waste basket 


  • In Style team provides recommendations and restaurant reviews in overnight towns, but food choices are still your own (you’ll have plenty to choose from in both pass-through and overnight towns)
  • Sports drinks, water, and a wide assortment of energy snacks are provided daily
  • "Happy hour” food and beverages are provided upon your arrival each day at the In-Style meeting place in the Bikes To You campsite

Other Support 

  • In-Style staff will assist you throughout the week with repair needs (also available at various points along each day’s route)
  • Transportation to the “meeting town” (a pass-through town approximately halfway along each daily route) can be arranged with the In-Style staff

Bikes to You has been a leading RAGBRAI vendor for more than 20 years. Our team has hosted a RAGBRAI charter, and our successful bike shop celebrated its 23rd anniversary in 2016.  Founder and owner, Craig Cooper is recognized as a leading bicycle professional among RAGBRAI veterans and the Iowa Cycling community.  

Our Proven Record

How It Works

​​RAGBRAI In Style is the premier all-amenities-included charter service on the ride. We handle the logistics—the lodging, chartering your baggage, handling your bike and gear—you just pedal the route and enjoy the festivities. It’s the original hassle-free RAGBRAI experience

RAGBRAI In-Style is RAGBRAI done right. Your comfort is our priority.   

The Service